Pumpkin cream recipe easy

The pumpkin cream recipe that I prepare (and which I present below) is from my mother. As a child I was like almost all the children in the world: I did not like almost any soup, except for this cream, it seemed delicious to me. I ate it quite often. I guess the sweet taste of the pumpkin helped me to like it.

Over time I learned how to prepare this delicious dish. It is very easy to do, in fact anyone with minimal experience in the kitchen could prepare it and it would fit.

I usually prepare pumpkin cream in large quantities to store it in the refrigerator and eat it several times throughout the week. That's right, I never leave it for more than 5 days, it starts losing properties.

cream pumpkin

pumpkin cream
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Pumpkin cream recipe

Learn how to make an easy and delicious pumpkin cream that you can prepare at home in a short time.Remove the seeds and the thick skin that covers it.
  • Chop the onion and the pepper in three or four large pieces.
  • The celery stalk can also be cut into large pieces.
  • In a large pot gather the squash, onion, pepper and broth of your choice. Put on high heat to boil until the pumpkin is soft. Add the coriander and celery, cook 5 minutes more and add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.
  • Put all the ingredients and the liquid in a blender, mix well until you make a cream without any lumps.
  • Once liquefied, you can put the cream back into the pot at low heat to keep it warm until the moment of serving.
  • When you go to eat it, add a teaspoon of butter to the plate. You can also toss some good grated Parmesan cheese on top.
  • How to make pumpkin cream h2>

    You will have seen that making pumpkin cream is easy, you need few ingredients, one of them, a vegetable broth previously prepared. It gives a lot of flavor. Some people prefer to use chicken stock, which is not bad either.

    Then you need pumpkin (obvious), and some vegetables to give it more flavor. The normal thing is to use onions, peppers and celery.

    Some leaves of coriander are also great for you.

    If you get creative, you can mix pumpkin with carrot or with any vegetable, like you will read below.

    Pd: if you are too lazy to make chicken or vegetable broth, use water, but the taste will not be the same.

    Other cream recipes pumpkin

    There are a thousand variations that you can make of this delicious dish. A little imagination, and the use of the right ingredients can achieve a result worthy of a 5 star restaurant.

    Here are some popular variations for you to make this delicious homemade dish. I invite you to try some to inspire yourself and prepare your own personal recipe:

    Cream of pumpkin and zucchini: Use a medium zucchini, chop it on wheels and add it to the pot where are you cooking the pumpkin Mix everything in the blender and you're done.

    Recipe pumpkin and carrot cream: You can make this recipe by replacing half the pumpkin with a couple of peeled carrots.

    Cream of pumpkin and leek: equal to the two above. Add to the cooking a leek stem chopped into pieces. You can poach it first in butter to give it more flavor 🙂

    Cream of pumpkin and apple: What you did not imagine this mixture? Well, it's delicious. Follow the steps of the recipe published here by adding a skinless apple previously sautéed in a little olive oil.

    Cream of pumpkin with cream : simply pour 1 tablespoon of cream the pot just at the time of putting out the fire, stir a little and ready.

    Light pumpkin cream : for this simply prepare the recipe as indicated here but using vegetable broth and adding a cup more than what I put in the ingredients. In this way it will look more like a "cream of pumpkin soup" with a rather mild flavor, ideal for dinner.

    And speaking of creams and carrots, you can try my carrot cream recipe and tell me How is it? 🙂