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Ichiban Seafood Buffet, where serving you is our utmost pleasure with the best variety of American, Italian & Asian food of any buffet in America. 

Ichiban Seafood Buffet has over 20 different kinds of sushi. Ichiban Seafood Buffet is also serving Prime Rib that melts in your mouth, beef and pork ribs, ham, Maryland steamed crabs.

Our hibachi grill features shrimp, steak, scallops, chicken and a variety of vegetables cooked right before your eyes.

Ichiban Seafood Buffet, where serving you is our utmost pleasure with the best variety of American, Italian & Asian food of any buffet in America. Ichiban Seafood Buffet has an assortment of fish that just can’t be beaten. Ichiban Seafood Buffet is also serving Prime Rib that melts in your mouth, beef and pork ribs, ham, Maryland steamed crabs. Our hibachi grill features shrimp, steak, scallops, chicken and a variety of vegetables cooked right before your eyes.

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We are located in Springfield Park behind the Target.



James B.

Went with my friend today for lunch at 2:30. Two buffets plus 2 drinks came to only .28 with tax which is pretty great.We both gorged on sushi and a custom plate from the hibachi grill, so we didn't explore much else at the buffet, but we were VERY satisfied with the high quality food we did eat.4/5 stars is because the place was not very clean, especially the floors which were sticky enough that at one point the grime stuck to my shoe so intensely the shoe came off my foot!


Jay F.

I only come for the string beans and sauteed beef which is awesome. The buffet is about .00 per person for dinner. I live approximately 15 minutes for the restaurant.  Sushi is present but I would never expect quality raw fish from a buffet.This place is packed with people on the weekends. However I find the food fresher  on Saturday and Subday because they have to keep refilling the food holders with more  which works for me.However, today I noticed that my sneakers kept sticking to the carpet. All types of thoughts came to mind. One of the reasons I like this place is because of the cleanliness. I hope time is also invested with the upkeep.


Leah L.

Went here on a Saturday morning about 11:30 glad we went that early.Everything was fresh a bit of a crowd but not bad at all.We sat down and ordered our drinks and went straight for the buffet. They had a lot of options, a full salad bar, meats section, sushi section, soups, fruits and deserts along with fondue chocolate.With my little picky eater there were items that my little one ate, so we will definitely be back.


Sarah A.

Very good selection. Turnover of food is fast. Make sure you get there early ( before traditional dinner time) or you'll have quite a wait. Fountain drinks are over priced. Food is good


Lisa H.

This has got to be the worst restaurant ever! I'm so confused how so many people go to this restaurant. Some of the food was good, however the crabs were mildew nasty and smelled like dirty dishwater. Some of the food was raw and/or dryed out.  Oh and let's not forget to mention the bathrooms.  Woman's room dirty nasty with used pads on the floor toilet paper stinky dirty mess...smh Never again will I go there!!


Christine M.

First time visiting Ichiban Buffet for lunch. It was shortly after the weekday lunch crowd. Great value for the price. Staff friendly was friendly. Dining area was clean. Staff removed dirty plates promptly. Buffet area was clean, food nicely arranged and refilled quickly. Food seemed freshly made. Sushi rolls were great. The lunch buffet has everything. Ribs, ham, turkey, steamed shrimp, fried blue crabs, vegetables, potatoes, several popular chinese dishes, sushi rolls, made to order stir fry, many soups, salads, desserts and so much more. There is something for everyone and great value.


Dawn P.

Wow.  My gf and I decided to give it a try after driving by it many times.  We were not disappointed at all.  From the many food stations to the decor (and even the bathrooms) everything was clean, bright and modern.)  I hit the sushi bar hard.  Twice.  I hit all the food stations except the dessert one.  My gf hit that one and said it was great.  I was super impressed by the cleanliness of the food stations.  We went a second time last week and again, it did not disappoint.  I will say that some items do change.  This time they had cheesecake, but again I hit the sushi bar hard.  I took some pics to show my hubby.  There are so many selections to choose from.  Oh and did I mention the sushi bar??   Another plus is that everything is labelled.


Jae L.

This place is very nostalgic to the original old country buffet and I love it! I have never seen a buffet that had a waiting line out the door. If this place wasn't so far, I would probably lose a lot of money as get fat real quick. There are a lot of seatings however there were a lot more people. It's interesting that you pay before you start eating; I would just stay there for hours to cheat the system (I didn't). The food is good quality for a buffet. Try hibachi line is long so go the first! They have a sushi line as well as multiple soups to choose from. The hot food options are vast; traditional Chinese American stuff as well as hearty American food such as ribs and steak. I love the fact that they have a chocolate fondue fountain. Top it off with ice cream as sugar donut as it is a good night


Chris S.

Whether dinner on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter my family has made it a tradition to go to a certain All-u-can-eat place. Since that place suffered a fire and is currently closed for repairs, we decided to go here since we wanted quick food and we wanted it now.I didn't know what to expect. Walking in it was fancier looking than Dynasty which was on the same street and felt inviting. They certainly had plentiful grub; they had their probably "regular" items but also this Turkey Day had turkey stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and also last but not least the most popular bird everyone knows about.The food was surprisingly not bad though more expensive than Dynasty Hibachi. The only food I ate I didn't like were the "chicken sticks" which were big pieces of meat on kebab spears; I don't know why but it did not taste like chicken and had a charcoal or strange after taste.The rest was pretty much standard fare at this kind of restaurant but some was better than other dishes. Yummy food! Plus stopping off to the rest-room I noticed it was spacy and not cramped-in like the men's room at Dynasty so there's that too!Good food. Don't know if we will come here ritually but if we ever do again we won't regret it!


John M.

The few negative reviews about not being welcomed or dirty chairs is ridiculous. You don't go to a buffet for friendly chat or atmosphere. You go for good food at good prices. This place has both in abundance. I went on Father's Day and although the line was out the door , we only waited about 25 minutes. Everything was cooked right, hot and plenty of choices. I can't wait to go back.


Hyon Ju P.

Yum.  I was so excited when I walked in to see the brightly lit buffet tables and piles of fresh food.  I squealed with delight at the sight of the chocolate fondue fountain.  Generally, most of the food was solid and well seasoned but not salty.  The chocolate fondue was disgusting and hence the loss of one star.


Joe Z.

This. Place is terrible .you people are nuts..the choc fountain is terrible and they gave baby octopus with the heads still on wow


Shantai M.

Good food and its fresh. There is alot of different foods to choose from. The staff is nice and the hibachi is good as well. The bathrooms are clean. They are constantly keeping up with the food and making sure it's not a long wait. It is crowded on sundays so I would suggest go throughout the weekend.


Jeannie S.

Update: 8/13I've been coming here a few times to settle my cravings and I have to say while this place isn't like the best restaurant ever, keep in mind this is a buffet. I like what is being offered, the sushi is not too bad, it's ok. There is a lot of rice on the rolls, but seriously you can't blame that on a buffet. I do think during peak hours the food is much fresher and tastier though. Nothing has really changed, I still enjoy coming. However, I do feel like certain types of food isn't being served on certain days or if it isn't too busy, understandable in my perspective. One cool thing is they can swipe your Total Reward Card and you can earn some points! So all you gambling Total Reward members that are loyal to Harrah's, Caesar's, and Bally's, do bring your cards! You can also just bring your receipt from a previous bill to validate the points as well. How cool is that?Also, their chocolate cake, carrot cake, brownies, and sometimes their fruit are pretty good!----------------------------------I have came to Ichiban once, about sometime in January with my family. It was not as busy as I would've expected,  but we were there to try the food since we usually would go to a buffet in South Philly that was our old favorite. It's impractical to go there now since we aren't close to the area now.We like that we get to pay first and then get seated. The first time being here, the service was great. Even during the second visit with my boyfriend! But the first visit, the food wasn't so fresh and everything was kind of lacking. We didn't expect the greatest at an Asian buffet that's super casual, but we sort of expected something around average. We didn't like it much. However, on my second visit with my boyfriend we really enjoyed the food. Everything was a little above average, especially the food. We both loved it more than many other typical Asian buffets! Would come back again. Howe


Qing L.

OMG! They have everything you want to try! especially the sushi bar! The sushi has great taste! The price of lunch is less than . Must come back for lunch next time


Dave L.

I just moved to Delco from Atlantic county NJ. I have been looking. For buffet that I like since being here. I typically like small venues ( there was one on balt pike in Springfield but if burned down few months ago ) so my search was on.  If you don't mind large crowds and a waiting time to be sat. Then this is perfect. Fresh hot food. Many choices. Just what you want out of a buffet. Highly recommended!


Kellie C.

This place is awesome!!!!!!!!! My kids and I had a great time!!! A million selections.. they had so much fun


Yelp U.

When we  came inside nobody said welcome or nothing just kept talking on the phone. When We sat down the seats was dirty. Took long to get our drinks.The macaroni tasted like a kid made it mushy and disgusting. The steak was nasty and dry. The ice cream machine was a mess it was ice cream everywhere on the table and floor. The spoons was dirty. And the thing i hated most when we was leaving the waitress was standing like a idiot next to our table waiting for a tip so we just kept going because she didn't deserve shit because her service sucked.


Briana R.

I use to come here often then of course like any other place quality has seriously gone down. Went yesterday 4/29/2019 with my boyfriend and had one plate and left. Food was horrible seriously. I got food poisoning today from one plate. That is all I ate yesterday. This is not the place to be. The rice tasted like it's been sitting all day. And even had a funk to it. If you're considering this place be careful. To me it's not worth it.Update review: I had one plate with rice and chicken with broccoli on it. That's it. If you knew the food wasn't fresh which I'm sure it should have all been on timers. You shouldn't have served it to your guest. I'm well aware it wasn't busy Monday that was the point of us going. Once again you don't have to worry about us coming back. I'm sure other people will still support you. Me mentioning getting sick believe it or not isn't gonna do much damage to your business. As well as calling to report food poisoning. Why would I want to come back? There's not you can do about it anyway. I wouldn't get a refund so your point to call is to what? Tell you what you already know? Your food wasn't fresh and has been sitting under a warmer all day....


Rebekah D.

Really good food for buffet at great price. Big variety of food and desserts. Also a chocolate fountain

About Ichiban Seafood Buffet and reviews