How to make mushroom sauce

A sauce of mushrooms with large chunks swimming in a dairy base. Does not it sound perfect? ​​

Before starting the preparation of this mushroom sauce, I have to make an important recommendation: you have to use the largest pan you have to cook this recipe. You will see that the space for cooking will be necessary.

This sauce with mushrooms has three versions: with cream, without cream and with tomato. I'll explain in detail how to prepare the version with cream, and then I'll give you the tips so you can do the other two versions.


Mushroom Sauce Recipe

This recipe for mushroom sauce, easy and delicious, will transform your dishes like pasta, meat and chicken.Take care that the butter does not burn and turn brown.
  • Past five minutes, you have to add the slices of mushrooms to the cooking.
  • Let's stir the pieces of mushrooms for eight minutes to cook.
  • Next, we will add 3/4 of the milk cup, reserving the remaining room.
  • In the little milk left, we will add the flour and stir well until dissolved completely. Only then will we add this mixture to the rest of the preparation.
  • Still stirring with a kitchen palette, we are going to add half a teaspoon of salt and the same measure of pepper.
  • Now, we will lower the cooking temperature to low heat and let cook the dish for 20 minutes, with the pan covered, and watching it frequently to stir the ingredients. Make sure they do not stick to the bottom of the pan.
  • After this time , you have to mix the cream with the rest, try the sauce to see if it is properly seasoned, and if necessary, correct the taste with more salt and/or pepper.
  • It is recommended to serve mushroom sauce and hot cream immediately.

    As always we think of the tastes and needs of all , now we will see how to prepare some variants of this recipe.

    How to make mushroom sauce without cream? Recipe mushroom sauce without cream

    For those who are not lovers of milk cream, you can use evaporated milk as an alternative. Remember that it is the one that comes in cardboard or tin, and is especially designed for cooking or preparing dishes.

    With 300 ml of evaporated milk are replaced cream, liquid milk and milk. flour of the basic recipe. The evaporated milk is added to the recipe after cooking the mushrooms. In this case, the mushrooms are allowed to cook a little more time: around ten minutes. Once the evaporated milk is added, the sauce will only be allowed to cook for 10 more minutes.

    Mushroom sauce with tomato

    This version of the sauce is also delicious. To prepare it, add 4 tablespoons of concentrated tomato puree to the basic recipe, and dissolve them well in the table with the milk. This will be done just before the cooking stage with the pan covered.

    What do you eat the mushroom sauce with?

    The first thing that comes to my head every Once I think of mushroom sauce is: pasta. It can be any type of pasta, even ravioli or stuffed cannelloni.

    But this sauce also works very well to cover steaks of meat or chicken. I promise that against the label, they will end up cleaning the plate with a piece of bread. There is nothing like a breast in mushroom sauce, a good meat in mushroom sauce or even some meatballs in mushroom sauce.

    For an unexpected twist of this sauce, you can bathe a good omelette with it. They will surprise a few diners.

    What type of mushrooms do we use?

    The mushrooms that we commonly call "mushrooms" are also known as "mushrooms of Paris". However, there are other types of mushrooms.